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early detection of skin cancer

The newest study shows huge potential of Magnosco in the field of skin cancer detection

Two‐photon fluorescence is an innovative technique for the diagnosis of pigmented skin lesions, and shows a high sensitivity for detection of melanomas and pigmented BCCs.


Magnosco has been able to demonstrate in recent years that dermatofluoroscopy is an important method for the detection of malignant melanoma. A new study by the Charité-Universitaetsmedizin Berlin has shown the possible uses of a new indication. After a detailed evaluation of the registration study for DermaFC, the potential for dermatofluoroscopy in the area of pigmented basal cell carcinoma could be determined.

This first study shows that the most common type of skin cancer was correctly identified with a diagnostic sensitivity of 88.9%.

Further studies with the best dermatologists in the country should now help to further exploit this potential and sharpen the AI in the early detection of this malignant tumor.