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early detection of skin cancer

onkoderm science prize awarded at DERM 2019

For the second time the nationwide dermatologist network onkoderm e.V. honoured innovative scientific and therapeutic concepts, which can improve success of treatment. As winner of the onkoderm science award 2019, the first chairman of the network, Prof. Dr. Uwe Reinhold, congratulated physicist Dr. rer. nat. Łukasz Szyc on onkoderm science award for outstanding scientific achievements in the field of dermatology. With his developed algorithm as the basis of dermatofluoroscopy, a new diagnostic method for the early detection of malignant melanomas, Dr. Szyc has made a very important scientific contribution to early and accurate diagnostics.


(Photo from left: Prof. Dr. Hjalmar Kurzen - Vice Chairman of the onkoderm network, Dr. rer. nat. Łukasz Szyc - Head of Science Magnosco & Thomas Diepold - Managing Director Magnosco)